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Guest Post: Exactly How Important is SEO and Keywords for Authors? by Anthony Wade

Today, I am happy to share my first ever guest post, written by Anthony Wade. I encountered Anthony on his WordPress blog a few weeks ago, and I found it packed full of great writing and business advice for authors. Needless to say, when he offered to do a guest post on SEO and keywords, a topic that I had been meaning to research but never had, I was incredibly excited!

Without any further ado, over to Anthony!

Exactly How Important is SEO and Keywords for Authors?


I won’t leave it at that though.

Five months ago, I knew nothing about SEO. Around that time, my lease was ending and I was moving back in with the G-parents. #gradlife.

If you don’t know, it’s difficult to get a writing/editorial job. What I thought I’d do was work on my own writing and do a little bit of freelance to build up experience.

It was a great idea, because with Business2Community, I was introduced to SEO and those tricky keywords that don’t deserve the name ‘keywords.’ Now I know how important SEO and perfect keywords are for authors.

If you’re a novelist or web content writer, you already know that perfect SEO will drive traffic straight to your site via search engines.

But there’s more. And honestly, it’s a bit simple.

The basics of SEO is to perfect a keyword.

I hate saying keyword. You want it to match what a real person would type in a search engine. That means only letters and never complete sentences. More importantly, that means more than one word.

The best keywords are keyPHRASES. Now that’s what I prefer to call them. You have to imagine what some random person at three in the morning would type when searching for your topic.

Say you have a book about kids forced to kills each other in an arena. Sound familiar? Yeah, The Hunger Games. You’re trying to drive traffic to your blog or site. So what’s a phrase somebody would type in Google (Bing?) that might lead them to your page?

‘The Hunger Games,’ and ‘dystopian books’ are gonna bring up thousands of results, which means you have a lot of competition. But ‘Books like the hunger games’ . . . now that narrows a googler’s search a lot more. That phrase should be your keyword.

If you’re paying for a site, then you’re lucky and have special SEO features where you can define keywords for each of your pages. In this case, you would use ‘books like the hunger games’ among others. If you’re on a blog, it’s not as simple.

You can’t create a post, place the phrase somewhere in the middle and expect to get tons of views. You need to have ‘books like the hunger games’ in the first sentence, the middle of the post, and at the very end. If it doesn’t sound forced and salemanish, definitely place it in your title. That, along with secondary keywords like ‘dystopian novels’ or ‘Young adult dystopian novels’ will do wonders to place your post at the top of search results.

It’s a matter of asking yourself these questions:

What would I type in Google?

What else might pop up in the results?

What can I add to get around those?

I just launched my official site,, and using this simple skill has helped tremendously.

If you’re interested in more posts about publishing and freelancing or interested in reading a Pre-Dystopian novel, visit my site or blog,

Feel free to leave your questions for Anthony in the comments or seek him out on his own blog. Thanks for reading, and Anthony, thank you for your informative post! I can’t wait to put your tips into action!


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