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Mid-Month Check-In: March 2015

Is it just me or is this year flying by? March has been a whirlwind of a month, and I feel like I can barely keep up with everything that is happening in my world! There are so many changes afoot and dreams within grasp, for me and my husband, that most days we have to remind ourselves to slow down and breathe. But, warm weather is here, the sun is shining, and I had a birthday. March is good!

For a quick refresher on all the goals I’m working on this year, check out my 2015 resolutions.


I have about two weeks to meet my first writing goal of writing a manuscript between January and March. Obviously, this is not happening — but I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m happy that I have been able to focus on The Cogsmith’s Daughter for now. I finished the paper edits on January 31st, and I am maybe a day or two away (TOPS!) from having my revisions done and the second draft complete. Again, this is longer than my original timeline, but I’m learning to be a little more realistic as I find that sweet spot between balancing the job that pays me, the job I want, and the rest of life.

As for drafting, I’m planning to participate in and complete my next manuscript over Camp NaNoWriMo in April. If you are participating and would like to join my cabin of cool writers, leave your username in the comments! (NOTE: You have to create a project before you can join a cabin.)


For the first half of March, business and blogging have taken a backseat to revising. However, I have participated in a few free webinars and my first ever video author interview. The second half of March will be strongly devoted to business. After all, once the revising is done, I need to get my business set up and accounts in order before I start putting down money on professional services. So exciting!

Reading has also taken a backseat to revising. I’m a bit behind on my book review schedule (sorry, guys!), but I know that I have to prioritize my own writing over that of others. I’m hoping that, while my parents-in-law are in town (another gust in the whirlwind!), I’ll find some extra time to relax and read.


This category is where the whirlwind is really spinning. Daniel has received his U.S. driver’s license and will be looking for work shortly. He has also received most of his graduate school offers, and he has to deliver his final decision by the end of the month. So very shortly we will know where we will be spending the next two years of our lives!


I’ll admit — I had some slacking problems in this department for a while. First and foremost, I had a birthday, so ice cream cake and cupcakes and margaritas pretty much killed the healthy eating. However, now that the weather is finally warm, I’ve been exercising pretty much every day. So that’s good. I have also been migraine free (knock on wood) since the beginning of February (unless a margarita brain freeze counts).

Well that’s it for me today. I hope you all are having a happy, warm, and productive March!

For even more updates AND to read the unedited first chapter of The Cogsmith’s Daughter, you can sign up for my newsletter HERE.

How are your new year’s resolutions going? Have you been keeping up with your own writing goals? Share your progress and/or commiserate as needed!


12 thoughts on “Mid-Month Check-In: March 2015”

  1. i’m so proud you stuck to your goals, whereas mine have fallen flatter than a tortilla. Thus I signed up for Camp in hopes to get something going. I’d love it if we were roomies in our cabin, so you can help keep me going. My username is NixDesk. Let’s go camping!

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  2. Belated happy birthday, Kate! When was it? Sorry but, I haven’t had enough blogging time to keep up with everything. March has definitely been a month for getting a lot done, and I’m gonna be extra busy for the next few months too!

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