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Introducing Boxthorn Press!

A few months ago, I explained why I will independently publish as well as that I would do so under a company I own. Today, I am excited to officially announce my publishing imprint, Boxthorn Press!

Boxthorn Press Logo - Full color
Image copyright © 2015 by Kate M. Colby. All rights reserved.

Boxthorn Press is the company under which I intend to publish all of my novels and books of which I am the sole author. I officially established the enterprise in April and right now, it operates solely as the publisher of my books. In the future, it will encompass other creative services and perhaps even operate to help other aspiring authors reach their publishing dreams.

Originally, Boxthorn Press was going to be a joint venture between Daniel (my husband) and me. When that was the case, Daniel chose the name “Boxthorn” to honor his Australian roots, as Boxthorn is the street on which he lived as a kid. However, even when Daniel decided not to publish independently, I kept the name. Why? Partly because I like the plant itself and the symbolism, partly because Daniel is the one who introduced me to the idea of independent publishing, and partly because I think it’s a punchy name.

The logo for my company depicts a boxthorn plant emerging from the outlines of a box. On a practical level, the logo shows what a boxthorn plant looks like. On a personal level, it symbolizes the fact that I am pushing boundaries and stretching my creative capacities with everything I do. On a reader-oriented level, the logo represents my fiction. The boxthorn plant is contradictory — it is alluring (juicy berries) with a serious/dangerous undercurrent (thorns). Likewise, as the plant extends from the box, so does my fiction extend across traditional genre borders. I don’t just write in one genre, and each of my books does not fit clearly into one genre box, either.

I hope that, as you read my fiction, you will see what I mean.

Now, I imagine some of my readers may be wondering — if you are self-publishing, why bother with creating a company? Isn’t the point that you are doing it by yourself? These are valid questions, and ones I thought myself when I first encountered author-entrepreneurs.

Here are my reasons for creating my own imprint:

  • This is my career, and I take it seriously.
  • Keeping my business and personal finances separate is important for my record-keeping and tax purposes.
  • One day, Boxthorn Press may expand into a larger company and/or small press.
  • Print-on-demand and online publishing services should not receive publisher credit for my hard work on online retailers. In other words, I want my work to show as published by my company and be easily connected to my brand.
  • It’s enriching, fulfilling, and just-plain-fun to be an entrepreneur.

Thank you to everyone joining me on this ride! I appreciate your support, and I cannot wait to see how Boxthorn Press and I evolve over the years.

NOTE: My logo was designed by the brilliant Brenda Tietze, and I am ever-grateful to her for bringing my ideas to life. And yes, she will design one for you, too! (Note on the note: The fuzziness is not her doing — merely WordPress being finicky with sizing and file types.)

22 thoughts on “Introducing Boxthorn Press!”

  1. My dear Kate,
    I am very proud of you. Love the logo, love the reasoning and more importantly I love the belief you have in yourself and your craft.
    I am looking forward to reading your work. I am also willing to do any pre – publishing reading for love, now that I no longer teach.
    So pleased you walked into my nephew’s life and decided to stay.

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  2. Hi Kate, for some reason I haven’t been receiving your posts. I hope this morning that I have put this right by de-following and following your blog again. I have missed you and also some exciting news… Well done on your imprint. I too decided to create my own imprint, Avenue Press Scarborough (from where I live now and also I was brought up on The Avenue). I hope it gives my books a more professional aura and shows people that I am damn serious about what I am doing! By the way, I don’t know if you’re considering using Amazon’s createspace, but quite a few people have commented on the texture of my cover which is matt and silky. I’ve gone to a local publisher and asked for a short print run and apparently the cover texture is a special laminate. It comes as standard with createspace and, again, I think adds to the aura of professionalism. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks for your support and the tips, Kate E! Your reasons for creating your own imprint fit perfectly with mine. I haven’t selected my POD service yet, but I think I’m going with Ingram Spark. They have better global distribution, and with my husband’s family and several friends being in Australia, it’s important to me that they can get my books quickly and affordably.


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