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Guest Post: YouTubiness by Jonas Lee

YouTube… just let that site register for a moment.

cameraNow, what do you look at on there? Most of the time, for me, I watch a variety of three genres: gamer videos, dub-step dancing and movie trailers. There is an entire world of information, entertainment, nonsense and animal videos. Where does an author / book lover rate in that grand scale of things? Heard about Pluto lately? It’s rather lonely for an author out there right now. Can it change? I hope so. The next generation of authors are going to be more social media cognizant and try to reach as many platforms as they can.

Personally, I have my own channel (equipped with playlists) and I plan on developing it over time to make it something for fans to look at. It currently takes a look at various authors in stages of their careers as an interview. We talk shop and also get to know our personalities on the side. I’ve been able to have all walks of people so far from a best selling author, to seasoned Indies to people looking to publish their first novel. On top of that I am working on a couple of other YouTube projects sharing my experience being an Indie and some book reviews.

Now, think what you could do on channel of your own. What would you want to discuss, share or allow people to see? Even if YouTube is not your cup of tea, imagine completing an interview. As an author, what questions do you love answering? As a reader, which ones do you love reading? The main thing about sharing your personality is to always keep in mind to be you. It might throw your audience for a loop knowing that their favorite horror author loves watching cat videos or that the new YA author on the block wishes they could break dance (ok, that’s me).

The format you choose will dictate how much time you can devote, so pick wisely and don’t strain yourself to get followers. This is mostly for your own benefit at this point, no one else. That being said, if you aren’t on the YouTube’s that often, check out my site. Check out Kate’s site. Check out some fun stuff. I have my favorites below in case you’re curious (don’t judge):

Epic Rap Battles:
Poppin John:
BattleField Friends:
Skittles Commercials:

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: YouTubiness by Jonas Lee”

    1. The best suggestion I have is to start off with a good ISP (Internet). Beyond that, a good microphone is always key. People will generally choose better sound over sight even on YouTube. After those two things, most webcams work pretty well. Find a well lit spot in your house if possible. Natural light works much better than anything.


  1. There is a huge book comunity on Youtube that can help get the book out there. I feel there is a room for authors on youtube, you just have to be smart about it.

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