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Indie Book Review: The Sleeping Angel by Margarita Morris

sleeping angelThe Sleeping Angel by Margarita Morris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I received a free electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

The Sleeping Angel by Margarita Morris is a young adult supernatural mystery that perfectly mixes past and present to reveal the sinister secrets surrounding Highgate Cemetery.

In the present, the novel follows Lauren and Tom as they search for the connection between Isabelle Hart, a woman who used to live in Lauren’s house, and the death of Tom’s father. In the past, the novel recounts the life of Isabelle through her diary as well as provides glimpses into those around Isabelle through their journals and memoirs. Despite having seven different narrators throughout the novel, the past and present pieces fit together seamlessly, each divulging just enough information to keep the reader desiring more. The sections of the novel are short, action-packed, and end on such intriguing notes that I frequently couldn’t put the book down.

Unfortunately, that is all I can say about the plot without risking spoilers. However, there is much to comment on in relation to the writing of The Sleeping AngelMorris does a fantastic job of writing to suit the voices of each of her characters. Even if they were not named, it would be easy for the reader to identify the narrator, as each is so distinct and personable. Morris also had a great knack for writing in time-appropriate language. Her word choice feels authentic whether she is writing from the perspective of a young woman or gravedigger in 1870, a teenager in 1970, or a teenager or professor in present time.

My one critique about The Sleeping Angel is that, at times, it was difficult to tell what the supernatural “rules” of the world were, so-to-speak. The novel features paranormal elements, namely ghosts or spirits, but the characters themselves were unsure about how much of what they experienced was real, and other supernatural subjects were considered to be highly unrealistic by the characters. While it is clear which paranormal elements were “real” in terms of plot, I still found it a bit unbalanced in terms of the world Morris created (which was strongly based in present day reality). However, this seems to be a mostly subjective critique, and it did not detract from my enjoyment of the novel.

Overall, The Sleeping Angel is a well-written, well-executed paranormal mystery. The multiple story lines intertwine perfectly for an enjoyable journey and satisfying conclusion. If you love young adult paranormal/supernatural tales, historical fiction, and a dash of mystery, you will adore The Sleeping Angel.

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  1. Thank you for doing these indie book reviews. I will be doing my part (though small) to support indie or lesser known new books. They work hard and sometimes you’ll find a gem in the pile. Look at The Martian: self published and now a movie!

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