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Brain to Books Cyber Convention Author Interview – Kate M. Colby

Charlie (the mechanical frog from the cover of The Cogsmith’s Daughter) is interviewed in this post! If you already know about TCD, scroll down to the bottom to jump straight into the interview.

ALSO – I hosted the B2BCC Facebook page this morning and am giving away FREE ebooks of The Cogsmith’s Daughter AND my prompts booklets. Enter by the end of the day for your chance to win.

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Car here. This is a series of interviews I’m doing for my author, Rebekah Webb, for the participants of the 2016 Brain to Books Cyber Convention. ( Since I only interview inanimate objects, I have used the power of booze and lack of sleep to transform my interviewees into assorted objects of their choice.

Today I am going to interview Kate M. Colby, aka Charlie the mechanical frog. When she isn’t hopping around, being wound, or flirting with mechanical ducks, she’s the author of The Cogsmith’s Daughter.

Kate M. Colby 

Book Title:The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1)

The Cogsmith's Daughter - Ebook SmallBook Blurb

In a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland, one king rules with absolute power and unquenchable lust, until the cogsmith’s daughter risks everything for vengeance.

Two-hundred years ago, the steam-powered world experienced an apocalyptic flood. When the waters dried up, the survivors settled around their steamship in a wasteland they named Desertera. Believing the…

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