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National Poetry Month: Revenge, Regret, Remorse

Poetry isn’t a medium that comes naturally to me, and I would never dare call myself a poet. However, I do find it a refreshing way to let off some steam when I am feeling especially emotional, and I did write my fair share during my time in university.

Therefore, in honor of National Poetry Month, I’d like to share a short set of poems from said college days and encourage you all to leave your own (or links to your favorite poems) in the comments. Let’s fill the world with art today!

The following is a set of abstraction poems written in my Poetry Writing I class and refined in my Advanced Poetry Workshop. As readers of my fiction will know, I do love a revenge theme.


sneaks behind the bar,
dressed in fishnets and stilettos,
and sprinkles cyanide in his shot glass.



is the brown bottle, blue bottle,
clear bottle, spirit bottle, long-necked
bottle, bottle neck spiraling
down your throat.



ferments in the brain, drips down
the spinal cord, commands the hand
to put down the bottle

and pick up the gun.

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