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Month-End Update: July 2016

Wow. As I recap July, I feel like these mere 31 days were two months instead of one. For the first 20 days, Daniel was in Australia visiting his family. I eased my loneliness by working my ass off, putting in extra hours to write, revise, and do all the little things that come with being an authorpreneur. And then I got on a plane to Australia to join Daniel…

…and promptly did zero author work for the final 11 days of the month. A much-needed rest that has left me feeling a bit disoriented as I head into August (aka the final march toward the publication of Desertera #2!). Here are my notes on what I accomplished in July and my goals for the coming month:


  • Blog Posts Written 7 (and two reblogs)
  • Fiction Words Written  0
  • # of Days I Wrote Fiction  0
  • Nonfiction Prompts Written 100 prompts (plus front/back matter material)
  • # of Days I Wrote Nonfiction 8
  • Outlines Written –  1 (100 Science Fiction Writing Prompts)
  • Days Without Writing and/or Editing 13 (thank you, Australia!)


  • Drafts Revised Line Edit of Desertera #2
  • # of Days I Revised  10


*Remember, I review every book I read on my Goodreads page.

Author Business Activities

Goals for August

This month is all about getting Desertera #2 ready for publication in September!

  • Finish line editing and proofreading
  • Finish cover design process
  • Format for ebook and paperback
  • Set up preorder on online retailers

I also plan to write and publish 100 Science Fiction Writing Prompts (Fiction Ideas Vol. 8).

What did you accomplish in July? If you participated in Camp NaNoWriMo, did you meet your goal? What are your plans for August? Share below!

10 thoughts on “Month-End Update: July 2016”

  1. I keep meaning to keep a list like you do, because I always find these look-backs at the end of the month interesting, and I think they would help me see how productive I’m being, even though I always feel behind. I wrote *a lot* in July, but I’m feeling frustrated a couple of days into August because I didn’t finish a new novella yet, and was so sure that I would. It’s close, but no cigar yet (though why I’d want a cigar for finishing . . . maybe a piece of cake).

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

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    1. I understand exactly how you feel! I always think I’ve accomplished nothing at the end of the month, then these updates help me put it all in a positive perspective.

      At the risk of revealing the true depths of my “author OCD:” part of the reason I can do these look-backs so easily is because I keep a time sheet of hours I work and their tasks. Part of this is to help me plan in the future (as I know exactly how many hours it takes to produce a novel, for example) and part is to help me treat my author work like a “real” job. It’s not a system for everyone, but I really enjoy it.


  2. Wow. You were really busy!
    I did meet my Camp NaNo target, but forgot to validate in time. Lol. But the good news is I’m done with the first draft of my second book, so I can now concentrate in the cover design of the first one. ☺
    Can’t wait to read Desertera #2!
    Have a great day 😊

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    1. That’s awesome, Heena! Congrats on finishing your draft and yay for cover design. It’s so rewarding to finally see your book cover. It always makes the book feel more “real” to me.

      And thank you! I can’t wait to have Desertera #2 published and move on to the next book!

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