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Five Tips for Writing a Series by Kate M Colby

Today, I’m featured on author Kate Evans’s blog, where I share advice on how to write a series. Check it out!

Scarborough Mysteries

I am very happy to welcome the author Kate M Colby to my blog with her tips for writing a novel series. Her new novel, The Courtesan’s Avenger, is out now: www.katemcolby.com/books  Over to you Kate Colby…

Kate C photo Oct15I’ve always had difficulty thinking “small.” In school, I was the kid with good grades, a dozen extra-curricular activities, a part-time job, and a dedication to an outside sport. At my day job, I’m the person who always accepts extra projects or offers to help someone who is overworked. Why? I want to do it all.

The same goes for my writing. When I set out to write The Cogsmith’s Daughter, I knew one novel wouldn’t be enough. I loved the world and characters I had created. I couldn’t spend 90,000 words with them then just leave, never to return. No. Even though I had never written a novel before…

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3 thoughts on “Five Tips for Writing a Series by Kate M Colby”

  1. A great post, Kate – looking forward to having you visit this week! And I totally get it – six books is where I started too, nothing like thinking big 😀 Great advice about the Scrvener doc too – although Ambeth is all in my head, I do find myself flicking back to check things, so I might have to set up my own ‘bible’ x

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    1. Thanks so much, Helen! It’s always nice to hear that someone else is thinking just as big as I am. 🙂

      I keep a lot of Desertera in my head, too, but I find it really helps to have something to reference. Even if you just write a few words for each character or setting (or copy/past from your book file), it can help save a lot of time/stress later on.

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