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Kate M. Colby

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Nonfiction Author

My storytelling adventures began when I was three years old. During nightly reading time, I would recite my story books to my mom, often adding my own embellishments. When I turned seven, I wrote my first picture book in school. My teacher encouraged me to keep writing, and I did.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Sociology. Through my studies at Baker University, as well as the tutelage of my talented professors, I found my creative purpose: to combine my love of literature with my passion for culture and the human experience. I hope you’ll see both reflected in my novels.

What do I write? Easy — what I love to read! My fiction spans the gamut from soft science fiction (I’m a big fan of apocalypses and dystopian societies) to urban/paranormal fantasy (my greatest TV loves: Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

My first series, Desertera, consists of steampunk dystopian novels with themes of socio-economic disparity, self-empowerment, romance, and revenge. I have plans for several other novels: ranging from a classic road trip through apocalyptic America to an occult dark fantasy set in present-day Salem.

Kate's FamilyI am proud to be an independent author. This means that my books are not released by a publishing company. Rather, I handle the entire book creation process (including the contracting of industry professionals) on my own. I publish my books under my imprint Boxthorn Press, which has given me the joys, challenges, and pride that only entrepreneurship can. My informative nonfiction aims to help others navigate their own author journeys.

By day, I am a copywriter at a wine marketing firm. By night (when I’m not working on my writing or business), I enjoy playing video games, binge watching TV shows, antiquing, and sampling wines from around the world — all with my husband, Daniel, who is an aspiring American religion scholar. We also enjoy traveling and doting on our feline son, Thomas.

Please remember that I love visiting with readers and fellow writers. Feel free to contact me using any of the methods at the bottom of this page.

And most importantly, happy reading!

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