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The 2016 2K Indie Book Tour: Z.N. Willett

Up next on the 2016 2K Indie Book Tour (co-hosted by author Kate Evans and me) is contemporary romance author, Z.N. Willett.

IMG_7242Z.N. Willett is the girl who has seen more than she has ever wanted; yet decided to add to that world by writing Hollywood romances. A northern girl, but a southerner at heart, loving anything and everything about love and romance. So much that once upon a time she had a career as a wedding and events coordinator. When Z.N. decided to do something she was passionate about, she added her love for travel to the mix. An avid shoeaholic, deep down she’s a sappy romantic who happens to believe that love can truly conquer all.

Here, she introduces her novel, The Trouble with being a Movie Star’s Wife:

How do you share the love of your life with the world?

Alexandria Moore’s fantasy became her reality when she married movie star Andrew Hughes.

As she and Andrew fight their way through the minefield of a celebrity marriage, will they finally reach their happily ever after or will the pressures of Hollywood tear them apart?

Prequels: The Trouble with Dating a Movie Star (Book One) and The Trouble with Marrying a Movie Star (Book Two)

Now, here’s our interview with Z.N.:

What was the inspiration behind your book?

I actually had many different inspirations from individual people and ideas, but ultimately it all came down to the overall fascination with celebrities.

Who is your favorite character?

Andrew, of course.  I love sexy, strong, men.

What is one thing you want readers to know or “get” about your book?

Celebrities are people who love, hurt and sometimes bleed for their craft; just like “normal” folks.

Who is your ideal reader? Or, who will enjoy your book?

My readers are very diverse, which I love.  If you love your romance with spice and humor, you will enjoy this series.

What three writing tips do you have for aspiring authors?

1. Don’t quit!

2. Write for yourself.

3. Never stop appreciating your readers. If it’s three or thirty-three thousand.

IMG_6029Where can readers buy your book?

Amazon US:



Barnes & Noble:


Where can readers learn more about you? 



Twitter: @znwillett



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A Conversation with Gabrielle of The Curious Tale of Gabrielle by Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Hello, everyone! Today, I’m thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with Gabrielle, the protagonist of Zachary Paul Chopchinski’s young adult novel, The Curious Tale of Gabrielle. We discuss her ‘time traveling’ journeys, family, and adventurous spirit. Without further ado, here’s the interview!

gabrielleKate: Welcome, Gabrielle! Thank you so much for taking time out of your travels to talk with me today.

Gabrielle: Thank you so much for seeing with me. I do hope that it’s not too much of a bother.

Kate: Oh, please. It is my pleasure! So, why don’t you start by telling my readers a little bit about yourself?

Gabrielle: Well my name is Gabrielle. I am 13 years old and I like to wander, as my mother calls it. My father calls it “adventures”, but I just say that I like to see things. Strange things… New things…Old things.

Kate: And you have certainly seen your share of strange things. In fact, the whole adventure began in your friend Alexandra’s shop of oddities. Could you tell the readers a bit about that fateful day and how you view it in retrospect? If you could say anything to Alexandra now about that day and your following journey, what would it be?

Gabrielle: Well, honestly, I can’t even tell you how it started…or if Alexandra is even a friend. She is a kind, but strange woman, and she is the reason why I’m on this journey to begin with. But…it’s all so strange. I hardly know her at all, yet she acts like she’s known me for years. Since the day my family moved to Envisage, I made it a personal goal to see it all. Something was so strange about Alexandra’s shop, I don’t even know how to explain it…it’s like it was calling to me or something. It seems that my journey began as soon as I opened the door. Stepping into the shop and seeing all of the weird but beautiful things, and then meeting Alexandra…AND that bracelet!

If I could ask Alexandra one thing right now, it would be “Where are we going?”.

Kate: I think that’s something we’d all love to know! Speaking of the bracelet, what was it like when you realized the bracelet had helped you travel across time and space?

Gabrielle: WOW! I’m still really not able to describe it. At times, it’s almost like a dream. HAHA, in fact when I woke up in the first life…man I really thought it was a dream. I kept trying to wake myself up! Like I could wake up at any moment and none of it would have happened. It can be really amazing at times. Other times, it is terrifying. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing, why I’m doing it or what will happen. I still ask myself why I took the journey in the first place, but it felt like something that had to be done. Like these spirits need me, you know?

Kate: That is very noble of you. The first two spirits you met were Heather and Fionn. What was your favorite part about sharing in their lives? If you could send them a message now, what would you say?

Gabrielle: The life that I shared with Heather and Fionn was amazing. It still is difficult to accept all that happened with that journey. They were amazing people and I felt like I could have stayed with them forever…I think about them a lot…sometimes I even dream about them, like I’m back out in the field running with Heather and life is good…simple…happy.

If I could say anything to them right now, it would be that I’m sorry for what happened and it truly broke my heart. I wish that I could have done more.

Kate: I’m sure they appreciate you listening to their story and know that you tried. But not everyone in your story is like Heather and Fionn. What was it like meeting Morrigan during your adventure?

Gabrielle: Humm…well at first he seemed like a strange kid. Now that I know him better…well he can be a pain in my ass sometimes…but he has a good heart. I don’t want to talk too much about him because, well you will see more when I share the rest of my story. I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Lets just say we have a…complicated and frustrating friendship.

Kate: Haha, fair enough. Man, the way you talk about this adventure is so matter-of-fact. Despite all the scary moments in your journey, you never fail to be brave. How do you do that?

Gabrielle: I don’t know. I guess I just think of my mother and father. My father always told me to never be scared of anything in life. That at most times, that which scares you is only as strong as you let it become. My mother never seemed to let many things intimidate her either. She was always strong and my father always said that this was what made him fall in love with her in the first place. Also, I don’t really think I could run away, It just isn’t an option that comes into my head, you know?

Kate: What do you think your parents would say about your adventuring? Do you think they would be proud, supportive, fearful?

Gabrielle: Since my father…left us, my mother has been very protective of me. She probably wouldn’t really be happy about this adventure. My father…hahaha…he was a great guy! You would really have liked him. He would encourage the whole thing as long as I told him the tale. HAHA! Honestly, I think they both would support me at times and be fearful for me at others.

Kate: It sounds like they are truly great parents. Okay, we’re almost out of time, so let’s end on a few fun ones. If you could choose where and when the bracelet sent you next, to where and what time would you like to go?

zachGabrielle: I know this isn’t really a possibility, but I would really like to go back to when my mom and dad were younger. When they were my age to see what they were like.

Kate: That would be very cool! If you could have taken one object or one person on your adventure with you, what or who would you have taken along?

Gabrielle: My father. He would have really liked this journey.

Kate: Great. Finally, your author, Zach Chopchinski, has sent you on a bit of a whirlwind by writing a second edition of your story. What is it like working with him, and do you have any requests for your next book?

Gabrielle: Oh yeah Zach…he’s a little weird. When we works, he insists on drinking tea, burning incense, listening to music and it being very dark. Not really my kind of scene, but I guess sometimes I have to do what he wants. He says it’s his version of a mix of sensory deprivation and immersion all rolled into one. He like to stay up late at night so that’s fun, I guess. I do like that he wrote in Morrigan in this edition. Morrigan can be cool…at least he’s someone to go through this with me. I wonder what sorts of things he will send me off to do next. In the future, I would like for him to maybe send me back to meet all of the people that I have met and will meet to talk about the amazing journey and to thank them for all that they have done, and give my condolences for what they experienced. I know its probably not possible, but it would be great to see everyone again.

Kate: As one of your readers, I know that I would enjoy that, too! Well, I think that is all the time we have for today. Again, Gabrielle, thank you so much for coming on my blog and sharing about your journey. If you wouldn’t mind, please tell the readers where they can read about your adventures and learn more about Zach.

Gabrielle: Well they can go to his website,, find him on something called Facebook and Twitter (whatever those are) and he wants everyone to know that if they ever have any questions or requests, to please let him know. I think that I should be going now. My bracelet is getting quite warm…… CLICK

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The Cogsmith’s Daughter Book Launch Blog Tour Recap

Here’s a listing of all the posts from the blog tour. Thank you again to all of my wonderful hosts. Make sure you check out their websites if you haven’t already – they are full of great insights, wit, and of course, fantastic writing of their own!

Monday, October 12 | What the Heck is Steampunk Dystopian, Anyway?

In this post, hosted by the wonderful Kate Evans, I explain the basics of both the steampunk and dystopian genres, as well as what attracted me to a “steampunk dystopian” mash up.

Tuesday, October 13 | The Evolution of The Cogsmith’s Daughter: From First Draft to Final Product

Here, I’m hosted by Ula, and I share how I went about writing my first draft as well as some “trivia” about how the final book differs from my first draft.

Wednesday, October 14Desertera: Conception and Construction

Zach asked me how I came up with the idea for Desertera, my novel’s world, as well as how I went about building it. In this post, all is revealed!

Thursday, October 15 | How I “Became” a Writer (and Stumbled Upon the Idea for My Novel)

Charles wanted to know more about my background as a writer and how I came up with the idea for The Cogsmith’s Daughter. This one goes way back, folks.

Friday, October 16 | Author Hall of Fame Introduction

Chris the Story Reading Ape was kind enough to add me to his Author Hall of Fame. As my introduction, I talk about how my sociology background influences the purpose behind my writing.

Monday, October 19 | New Author Alert

A video interview, hosted by young adult science fiction author, Jonas Lee. Insights into my writing process, future plans, and general shenanigans.

Tuesday, October 20 | Take a Tour of Desertera

Because Helen crafted such an enchanting world in her own fiction, I wanted to take her and her readers on a tour of my world, Desertera – an old steam ship surrounded by villages.

Wednesday, October 21 | What It “Really” Takes to Write and Publish a Novel

I give Amanda the straight truth about writing a novel – both the intangible traits it takes and the hard facts and figures on stages, time, and personal cost.

Thursday, October 22 | The Religion of Desertera

Have you been wondering how the heck a steampunk world ended up in a desert wasteland? I tell all with Teri’s readers – including an excerpt from the novel.

Friday, October 23 | The Pros and Cons of Using Invented Words in Your Book Title

What exactly is a cogsmith? In this post on Kev’s Great Indie Authors, I explain – and describe the pros and cons of slapping such a word on your book cover.

Don’t forget! The blog tour Goodreads giveaway ends TODAY. Enter HERE for your chance to win one of three signed copies of The Cogsmith’s Daughter!


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New Author ALERT!

We’re kicking off week two of The Cogsmith’s Daughter Book Launch Blog Tour with an interview hosted by author Jonas Lee. Watch or listen to hear more about my writing process and plans for the Desertera series!

Jonas Lee

Before I get to it, today marks my second WordPress anniversary! Woohoo!! Where’s the confetti and cake?? And… as far as presents, I have one for you instead. I sat down with author of the newly released Steampunk Dystopian novel, The Cogsmith’s Daughter, Kate M. Colby. We had a little talk about her processes, ideas and where it all came from. I hope you have a chance to listen and/or watch.

And if you already trust me in saying this is an awesome book, click on one of the links below! Buy an eBook and register to win a signed paperback version on Goodreads!


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Goodreads Giveaway <— Click HERE

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