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I’m Going On Tour!

…virtually, anyway!

I’m pleased to announce that, starting Monday, October 12th, I will be going on a blog tour in support of the launch of The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1). The tour will last until Friday, October 23rd (I’ll be taking the weekend off) and will be a series of guest posts on the blogs of some of my favorite indie authors and fellow writers. Even though all of you know the book is coming out, I highly encourage you to follow the blog tour. I’ll be revealing new information about my inspiration behind TCD, my writing process, and so much more! There may even be a giveaway involved (hint, hint)!

Below is the schedule. It is also be posted on my Events page so it isn’t lost in the blog sea.

Date Host Topic Blog URL
Mon. 10/12 Kate E. What the Heck is Steampunk Dystopian, Anyway?
Tue. 10/13 Ula How I Wrote My Novel’s First Draft (and How it Differs from the Final Product)
Wed. 10/14 Zach Desertera: Conception and Construction
Thu. 10/15


Charles How I Became a Writer (and Stumbled Upon the Idea for My Novel)
Fri. 10/16 Chris Author Hall of Fame Introduction
Mon. 10/19 Jonas Video Interview
Tue. 10/20 Helen A Virtual Tour of Desertera
Wed. 10/21 Amanda What It “Really” Takes to Write and Publish a Novel
Thu. 10/22 Teri Desertera’s Religion and Themes
Fri. 10/23 Kevin The Pros and Cons of Using an Invented Word in Your Title

Daughter -C2And, don’t forget – The Cogsmith’s Daughter is only available for the special pre-order price of $0.99 for one more week! Reserve your copy at any of these fine retailers:

Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon AU, etc.

Barnes & Noble