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The Final Booklet: 100 Horror Writing Prompts

10-horrorWell, that’s all she wrote. For now, anyway.

I’ve published my final creative writing prompts booklet: 100 Horror Writing Prompts (Fiction Ideas Vol. 10). Writing these booklets has been an incredibly fun and inspiring challenge. Not only have I learned more about these 10 fiction genres, I’ve also pushed myself creatively and have been deeply humbled by all those writers who I’ve helped along the way.

If you’re looking for a little spooky inspiration for the season (or the upcoming NaNoWriMo), grab a copy on Amazon. It’s FREE through Halloween (October 31).

You can read the full description below. Happy writing!

Do you want to write a bone-chilling horror story? This booklet contains 100 writing prompts to help spark your inspiration.

Do you feel that novel burning inside you but are unsure where to begin?
Are you an established horror author looking for a fresh new idea?

If you’re ready to stop staring at the blank page and start writing NOW, 100 Horror Writing Prompts is the booklet for you. There’s no fluff and no wasted words – just 100 fiction prompts to get you back to what you do best: writing.

100 Horror Writing Prompts is packed with character- and story-focused prompts to jumpstart your fiction writing. Each prompt has been carefully designed to address the motifs of horror fiction – from terrifying creatures to spooky haunted houses to bloody death scenes.

Inside, you’ll find prompts on the following subgenres:

1. Creepy Kids
2. Dark Fantasy
3. Dark Mystery
4. Fabulist
5. Hauntings
6. Monsters
7. Occult
8. Psychological Horror
9. Quiet Horror
10. Splatter

Each section contains 10 thought-provoking prompts. Practice them in order, or dive right into to what inspires you most. You’ve already wasted enough energy on writer’s block. It’s time to get started on your next great horror story.

Make your readers afraid of the dark. Buy 100 Horror Writing Prompts today.