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New Book Release: Imperial Towers (Book of Never: 5) by Ashley Capes


It’s a great week to be a bookwormdragon! I’m excited to announce that another author and friend has a new book out. Ashley Capes writes epic fantasy, genre-blending fantasy thrillers and gorgeous poetry. He’s just released the fifth novel in his Book of Never series, Imperial Towers.

View the cover and short blurb below, then be sure to check out the whole series at your favorite online retailer!

never5-6by9Only one thing stands between Never and answers – his brother.

Driven toward the enemy-occupied Imperial City, Never’s doubts grow. Even with new knowledge about his powers, can he truly keep his friends safe in a warzone? Or, like too many times before, will he end up responsible for the deaths of those he should have protected?

Check out Imperial Towers (Book of Never: 5) on your favorite online retailer.

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500 Prompts Down, 500 More to Go!

5 HistoricalEDIT: This promotion has ended…BUT you can still pick up the booklet for $0.99 USD. To be the first to hear about future sales and booklets, sign up for my author newsletter.

I’m pleased to report that 100 Historical Fiction Writing Prompts, the fifth volume in my Fiction Ideas series, is published and available for FREE on Amazon. You can read the full description below.

So far, I’m really happy with these booklets. I’ve received enthusiastic feedback from a few readers, and it seems the booklets are doing exactly what I’d hoped: providing inspiration to others. On a personal level, they’ve also been very fun and challenging for me to write. I’m stretching my creative muscles, pushing myself to explore genres in which I never thought I could write, and even learning more about the literary world (and in this case, history!) along the way.

At the halfway point (500 prompts, 5 booklets), I’m very relieved that I’ve yet to run out of ideas. One concern I had going into this project was that I would really struggle with coming up with so many prompts without repeating myself. While a few sub-genres have been tricky, and I’m sure a few themes have repeated, so far so good.

Thank you to all who have read my booklets and are looking forward to the rest of the series. I couldn’t do this without your support and encouragement. Happy writing!

100 Historical Fiction Writing Prompts (Fiction Ideas Vol. 5)

5 HistoricalDo you want to share your love of history through fiction? This booklet contains 100 writing prompts to help you get started.

Do you have an adventure burning inside you but feel trapped by writer’s block?
Are you an established author looking for fresh, new ideas?

If you’re ready to stop staring at the blank page and start writing NOW, 100 Historical Fiction Writing Prompts is the booklet for you. There’s no fluff and no wasted words – just 100 fiction prompts to get you back to what you do best: writing.

Since Homer’s The Odyssey, writers have used historical events and legends to inspire their writings.100 Historical Writing Prompts is packed with character- and story-focused prompts to help you join this tradition. The prompts have been designed to address various historical events, locations, and cultures.

Inside, you’ll find prompts related to the following time periods:

1. Ancient Egypt
2. Ancient Greece
3. The Middle Ages
4. Feudal Japan
5. The Renaissance
6. The Age of Discovery
7. The Age of Revolution
8. The Victorian Era
9. The 1920s to 1950s
10. The 1960s & 1970s

Each section contains 10 thought-provoking prompts. Practice them in order, or dive right into to what inspires you most. You’ve already wasted enough energy on writer’s block. It’s time to get started on your fantasy tale today.

Relive the past. Download 100 Historical Fiction Writing Prompts today.