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Vlog: My First Content Edit Experience

In this vlog, I discuss my first content edit experience with The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1), including: a brief overview of the process, the kinds of comments I received, and how I feel about the experience in retrospect.

For those who dislike vlogs or who are hearing impaired, here is a summary of this video. 

First, Lynn, the owner of Red Adept Editing, called me to discuss the entire editing process, which was both informative and comforting. Next, Lynn passed my manuscript along to the first available content editor. I got my manuscript back within a week–a surprisingly short amount of time. The content editor went through my manuscript checking for plot holes, character development arcs, dialog issues, etc. The editor then provided me with several pages of notes as well as (hundreds of) comments within the manuscript itself.

On one hand, this process was terrifying, but on the other, I learned so much about myself as a writer, and I know my craft is significantly improved. A takeaway point? Listen to your editor. S/he is there to help you. The criticism will be tough to take, but it’s what you’re paying for and will help you learn. If you don’t want to hear it, just give your manuscript to your mom or spouse or friend and let them tell you how brilliant you are for free.

Red Adept Editing

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How have your editing experiences been? What advice would you give to authors preparing for their first round of edits?

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Next Stop: Vlogville

Hello, everyone!

After months of hum-hawing around and fiddling with technology, I’ve finally decided to just go for it and start my vlog. Mainly, I see this vlog functioning in two ways: A) adding variety to my existing blog and B) providing my readers and fellow writers with a more personable side of myself. I don’t plan to strive for YouTube stardom or even run the vlog independently of this author website, but I hope you all enjoy mixing it up with me.

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Future playlist topics include:

  • My Indie Author Journey
  • Writing/Book Updates
  • Real Life Kate
  • Write/Pub/Life Hacks
  • Passions and Pet Peeves
  • Pick-Me-Ups and Pep Talks

Feel free to share tips and/or links to your vlogs below. To my regular readers: if there are any questions you’d like me to answer or topics you want me to cover, share them, too!