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100 Science Fiction Writing Prompts is Out Now!

EDIT: The free promotion on this title has ended. However, you can still buy it on Amazon for JUST $0.99.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve published my August booklet. The genre this month is Science Fiction. Since it’s one of my chosen genres as a writer, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make these prompts genre-appropriate and inventive. Did I succeed? Well, you can let me know in a review!

8 Science FictionDo you want to explore a new universe or create an alternate reality with your fiction? This booklet contains 100 writing prompts to help you get started.

Do you have an imaginative tale burning inside you but feel trapped by writer’s block?
Are you an established author looking for fresh, new ideas?

If you’re ready to stop staring at the blank page and start writing NOW, 100 Science Fiction Writing Prompts is the booklet for you. There’s no fluff and no wasted words – just 100 fiction prompts to get you back to what you do best: writing.

100 Science Fiction Writing Prompts is packed with character- and story-focused prompts to jumpstart your fiction. The prompts have been carefully designed to address the various motifs of science fiction stories – from calculated alien attacks to governmental conspiracies to post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Inside, you’ll find prompts related to the following subgenres:

1. Alien Invasion/First Contact
2. Alternative History
3. Cyberpunk
4. Dystopian
5. Exploration & Invention
6. Genetic Engineering
7. (Post-)Apocalyptic
8. Space Opera
9. Steampunk
10. Time Travel

Each section contains 10 thought-provoking prompts. Practice them in order, or dive right into to what inspires you most. You’ve already wasted enough energy on writer’s block. It’s time to craft your next great science fiction story.

Push the limits of reality. Download 100 Science Fiction Writing Prompts today.

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